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"Getting fit has never been so much fun! I have improved stamina, and have learnt lots of great routines.  I tell all my friends about your classes!"

Janet, age 41, attends Zumba classes at City-Limits
"My Salsa and Latin class is the highlight of my week; fun and energetic, the class gives me a break from being 'mum' for a bit and lets me exercise in an enjoyable and social way"

Wendy aged 35 attends Salsa & Latin classes
"My son loves his street dance class.  He has learned a lot and has become more confident. It is his favourite part of the week.  He dances constantly! When he is getting dressed, eating and at school! He has even tried to teach me a few moves!"

Mrs Reid, whose son Cameron aged 10 attends street dance classes
"I have been attending my class for over 25 years, that must be testimonial enough! I love it, my teacher has so much patience"

Cathy, aged over 40 attends adult tap classes
"My daughter attends kids ballroom & Latin classes.  She loves the class, it is very pleasurable and the teacher is wonderful - very approachable.  Please bring your children to City-Limits!"

Mrs Lilley, whose daughter Summer aged 6 attends Ballroom & Latin classes
"I wanted my daughter to take dance classes because she loves to dance but also it is a great form of discipline and taking direction before she starts school.  She loves the classes and is having a great time"

Sara, whose daughter Amelia aged 4 attends Baby Ballet & Baby Tap classes
"Ava has been attending classes at City-limits for over 3 years.  She really enjoys it and always finds the classes fresh and exciting.  I find the staff very friendly, helpful and the atmosphere is nice"

Mrs Costa do Amoral, whose daughter Ava aged 11 attends Street, Ballet & Rock n Roll classes

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Social Dances 
Saturday 16th March
Satruday 20th April
Saturday 18th May

Tea Dances 
Sunday 3rd March
Sunday 7th April
Sunday 5th May





"Getting fit has never been so much fun! I have improved stamina, and have learnt lots of..."
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